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Deborah's Unique Offering

Deborah begins each session with a silent invocation, connecting with the All-knowing aspect and greater Guidance of the individual or group, while also conjoining to support the health and well being of the physical, mental and emotional bodies. During the silent invocation, Deborah experiences a series of images, symbols, patterns as are unique to the individual or group, given as an offering to draw out questions, awaken awareness, or perhaps bring confirmation without asking the question, yet represent the stream of what is simply forming in the higher dimensions to be reflected in life.

"As above, so below"

When a question is asked, Deborah's voice is utilized through an over-shadowing process accomplished through the invocation. The channeling is always presented in what is similar to Middle English, in part to override the linear or personality inclined binding event that generally perpetuates when using specific words such as "you", wherein all of the layers of meaning or potential may be heard, understood, or known from within. During the transmission, Deborah may receive areas of emphasis, or experience visions related to the question, which she shares in plain English once the channeling is complete.

"As we are one with the All, all knowledge, truth and potential is within us, and as we look into It, all can be known, thus Realized!"

Deborah shares her unique gift to support personal and global enlightenment.

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